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Our Story

Hello hobby crafters, artists and scrapbookers! We are a bunch of passionate artists who are interested in the art of hand bookbinding in Singapore.

What is Bookbinding?

Not merely the process of assembling and making a book from scratch. It is a craft that enables you to create unique books that will hold your memories and thought, or sincere gifts that shows how much you care.
- Express Yourself -
Create Notebooks and Journals that are Uniquely YOU
- Hand Made With Love -
Hand Make The Perfect Gifts That Shows How Much You Care
- Unique Photo Albums -
To Store Your Beautiful Photos and Precious Memories

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More Bookbinding Tips

  • Jul, 16

    Bookbinding Material 101: The Paper

    Paper maketh the book. Paper to book is like water to human. Paper makes the bulk of a book. Well, you get the picture. Paper is important in the bookbinding process. Just search the web and you will find a wide range of papers. Here, we’ll be touching on all the aspects of paper that […]

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    Jun, 10

    Bookbinding Materials 101: The Thread

    Staples, glue, thread. All of these can be used to hold a book together. But for how long? And how strong are they? Classic bookbinding always included the use of threads and stitching. Over time, you’d observe dogged edges of pages, peeling covers, ripped spine covers. But the core spine of the book remains intact. […]

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  • May, 4

    1 Easy Way to Punch Holes on Your Book Signature

    I remember the first time I had to punch holes on my book signature. It was a simple task. Or so I thought… No matter how accurate I tried to make my markings, the last few signatures often came out slightly off. This gave me a book with book signatures that are slightly off center. Frustrating. […]

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    Feb, 25

    Bookbinding Materials and Tools

    Bring your ideal journal, photo album or memory book to life through the art of Bookbinding. Here is a list of materials and tools that you would require during your Bookbinding process: Bone Scorer (aka Bone Folder) Awl Ribbons / Linen Tape Craft Glue A4 Paper (For book signatures) Decorative Paper (For book cover) Sponge Brush […]

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  • Dec, 13

    2017 Weekly Planner Do It Yourself Guide

    It’s December. *GASP! Dang, 2016. That was fast. With Christmas approaching and the New Year just ahead, its time to make a new planner. YAY to the new year for that 😀 There are many ways to handcraft your own bookbinding Weekly Planner. This tutorial shows you how I do it. Let’s go! 2017 Weekly […]

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    Nov, 4

    How to Score Pages with Your Bone Folder

    When doing a bookbinding project that requires book signatures (such as a case binding project), you would often need to score the pages. This is done to ensure a nice fold which can be easily marked and stitched. We often use a bone folder (aka bone scorer) to score the pages. Alternatively, you can use […]

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  • Jun, 29

    Bookbinding Tool – Needles

    Needles are an important tool in bookbinding since we would need to sew book signatures together most of the time. There are many types of needles available of different lengths, different thickness, different forms. Which type should you use during bookbinding? Regular Needles vs Curved Needles Source: Amazon Regular needles refer to the straight needles […]

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    Jun, 22

    Alternatives to An Awl

    Previously, we have introduced the Awl. The awl is used primarily to punch holes on our book signatures during a bookbinding project. It only serves a single purpose. Hence, we often get the question, ‘is an awl really required?’. The answer is no. There are many alternatives to the awl, and you may already own […]

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  • Jun, 5

    Bookbinding Tool – Awl

    What is an Awl? According to Wikipedia, an ‘Awl’ is a long, pointed spike. Use of Awl in Bookbinding In bookbinding, we use the awl to punch holes in our book signatures. This will ease the process of threading the book signatures. What to look out for when selecting an Awl There are many different types […]

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    Oct, 20

    How To Make A Headband for Book Binding

      The book headband refers to bands located at the 2 ends of the spine of a book. In traditional book binding, the headband was the result of bookbinders who wanted to strengthen the ends of their book as well as to align their book signatures together. The making of a traditional book headband is a […]

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