About Bookbinding Workshop SG

Hello hobby crafters, artists and scrapbookers!

We are a bunch of passionate artists who are interested in the art of hand bookbinding in Singapore.


What is Bookbinding?

Bookbinding is the process of assembling and making a book from scratch.

It involves joining loose pieces of paper together using one of a few bookbinding techniques, labelling each book through the creation of a cover and increasing the lifespan of the book and beautifying the book.

At Bookbinding Workshop Singapore, we focus on hand bookbinding – the manual process of bookbinding, all by hand.

If you are a crafter, scrapbooker or artist at heart, you will definitely enjoy the process and fulfilment of making your very own book, by hand.

hand bound photo albums

If you are a photographer or a scrapbooker, bookbinding will open up a whole new aspect to your craft. Imagine making your own unique photo album  there will only be one of such album in the world, or hand-crafting a scrapbook using in the form of an old school antique book.

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone special, then look no further. What can be more unique than making a one-of-a-kind book filled with your shared memories, or thoughts from scratch?


Bookbinding Workshops in Singapore


We run LIVE hand bookbinding workshops in Singapore. These are usually 1-day workshops where we will teach you the art of bookbinding.

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All bookbinding materials and tools required to make your book will be provided at our workshops.

Each bookbinding workshop will focus on 1 bookbinding method – including coptic binding, long stitch binding, stitched binding, Japanese Stab binding and many more.


Not Ready For A LIVE Bookbinding Workshop Yet?…

We have a FREE bookbinding e-course in the works at the moment, feel free to join the waiting list now at >> FREE BOOKBINDING COURSE