Alternatives to An Awl

Previously, we have introduced the Awl.

The awl is used primarily to punch holes on our book signatures during a bookbinding project. It only serves a single purpose. Hence, we often get the question, ‘is an awl really required?’.

The answer is no.

There are many alternatives to the awl, and you may already own some of them!

1. Compass Tool

compass tool

Image Source: Amazon

The compass tool is used to draw circles. Many of us would remember owning one of these from our secondary school days. The tips of the compass tool is usually sharp to hold the compass tool in place. The tips can be used to punch holes in your book signatures.

The only disadvantage is that the compass tool is very difficult to grip and may slow you down if you have to prepare a lot of book signatures.

2. Tweezers (with sharp tips)


Image Source: Amazon

Tweezers are another commonly found tool that can be used to punch holes in your book signatures. Make sure the ends of the tweezers you choose are sharp and fairly durable.

You can also find these at Daiso 🙂

3. Thumbtacks

Source: Amazon

Thumb tacks are an easy way to punch holes on your book signatures. Look for those with a flat head to spare your fingers from pain.

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