Bookbinding Needles | Bookbinding Tools 101

Needles are an important tool in bookbinding since we would need to sew book signatures together most of the time. There are many types of needles available of different lengths, different thickness, different forms. Which type should you use during bookbinding? Regular Needles vs Curved Needles Source: Amazon Regular needles refer to the straight needles … Read more

What Is Bookbinding?

what is bookbinding

Bookbinding The process of manually putting pages of paper – either folded or unfolded, together to form a book. Bookbinding usually involves the binding paper mass with either a hard or soft cover. Today, the industry of bookbinding has been overtaken by machines. However, bookbinders are still around and sought after. However, their roles are … Read more

Bookbinding: An Introduction


Bookbinding methods vary widely depending on their origins. Influenced by history and culture, bookbinding has evolved to become a versatile art with deep cultural roots. Bookbinding began as people saw the need to preserve their written ideas, thoughts and memories in the past. It is interesting to note that at the beginning, bookbinding provided several … Read more