Bring your ideal journal, photo album or memory book to life through the art of Bookbinding.

Here is a list of materials and tools that you would require during your Bookbinding process:

  1. Bone Scorer (aka Bone Folder)
  2. Awl
  3. Ribbons / Linen Tape
  4. Craft Glue
  5. A4 Paper (For book signatures)
  6. Decorative Paper (For book cover)
  7. Sponge Brush
  8. Needles
  9. Nylon Thread
  10. Bee’s Wax (to wax thread) / Candle
  11. Pencil + Eraser
  12. Scotch Tape
  13. Penknife (30 degree angled blades recommended)
  14. A pair of scissors
  15. Cutting Mat (A3 recommended)
  16. Metal Ruler
  17. Large (plastic) clips
  18. String / Cotton Twine

Do note that this list is based on a hardcover book project. Most bookbinding materials and tools have been included.

Many of these Bookbinding materials and tools can be found at your nearest Art Friend, Popular bookstore or Art Supply Stores in Singapore


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