Paper Grain


If you are into art, especially those that involves paper, this is a fundamental understanding that you’d need to grasp: Understanding paper grain direction And that’s what we’ll cover in this quick guide: Why Paper Grain Direction Matters How to determine the grain direction Why Paper Grain Direction Matters Paper to book is like water … Read more

The Pen Knife | Bookbinding Tool 101


The Pen Knife is one of the most versatile tool used by crafters. However, because of its versatility, many crafters tend to over look the humble pen knife. I mean, as long as it cuts, it doesn’t really matter which pen knife you use right? That is…until you find yourself in a well-stock craft store…faced … Read more

2017 Weekly Planner Do It Yourself Guide

2017 weekly planner

It’s December. *GASP! Dang, 2016. That was fast. With Christmas approaching and the New Year just ahead, its time to make a new planner. YAY to the new year for that 😀 There are many ways to handcraft your own bookbinding Weekly Planner. This tutorial shows you how I do it. Let’s go! 2017 Weekly … Read more

Bookbinding Needles | Bookbinding Tools 101

Needles are an important tool in bookbinding since we would need to sew book signatures together most of the time. There are many types of needles available of different lengths, different thickness, different forms. Which type should you use during bookbinding? Regular Needles vs Curved Needles Source: Amazon Regular needles refer to the straight needles … Read more

Bookbinding: An Introduction


Bookbinding methods vary widely depending on their origins. Influenced by history and culture, bookbinding has evolved to become a versatile art with deep cultural roots. Bookbinding began as people saw the need to preserve their written ideas, thoughts and memories in the past. It is interesting to note that at the beginning, bookbinding provided several … Read more